Sine Marie Harwits, an Advertising girl, thought her hair was so precious that she didn’t even want to discard her fallen locks. Every time she lost some hair, she went ahead and collected it and made what she now calls Hair Jewellery.

When we asked her what inspired her she said, “My hair is precious, and I couldn’t just let it go to waste. It’s like when a piece of your gold necklace breaks off, you won’t throw the broken off piece in a bin now would you? It’s still precious and after all, it’s gold. And the same applies to my hair. It is precious even if it breaks off, so it was only right for me to make something precious out of it.”

Sine Marie has been collecting her hair strands for one year now and has amassed a sizeable enough collection to start Stranded Gold. Though it looks like only her family members and her boyfriends are going to be her loyal customers.